It’s that time of year again. The time when the dead come back to life and walk amongst us! Instead of fighting through hordes of zombies in order to find supplies, why don’t you play Team Fortress 2 with us? During the Halloween event the Nom Nom Nom server will be full of tricks! On this page you can read about all the treats we have to offer. You’re sure to have the time of your life! Or afterlife, if you didn’t survive the zombies. So join us during this wicked holiday and enjoy all of the Halloween fun we have to offer!
What good’s a Halloween party if you don’t know where it’s being held? Make your way to some of these horrific locals! Er… we mean horrific as in scary, not horrific as in bad. Anyway, both official and custom maps join forces for this spectacularly spooky event! Enjoy these extra entertaining areas!
You prepared for a spelling bee? We’re sorry, the closest things we have are spells with bats. Prove that knowledge is power by attacking the enemy with these crazy hexes! Don’t worry about your reading skills going to waste because you’re not on the right map. These books are everywhere!
The wheel of fate is turning all around the world! What will you get? Higher jumps, an ubercharge, or maybe a bigger head to show off bigger hats? Don’t be too pissed off if all you win is Jarate though.
Uh-oh, you missed work for the last time. The bosses aren’t just staying at the office, they’re going to track you down! This is no time to sleep on the job, so fight back and show them who’s boss! (Note: Regardless of whether or not you beat them they are still the bosses.)
What a lucky shot… It’s time to get revenge on the punk who thought he could get the better of you. Wait a second. You feel a bit lighter, don’t you? Oh man, that floating around must be giving you a sinking sensation. Are you… dead?
No bones about it, you’re dead! But that won’t stop a real merc from killing! Your skeleton may be let loose to attack the other team! Perhaps it’ll even take care of that guy you had a bone to pick with. That’ll prove that you’re bad to the bone!
In the grave situation of war you need something special to remind people who they just got dominated by. Well, have we got an offer for you! Kill now for a personalized gravestone for that special jerk in your life! But wait, kill them right now and we’ll deliver it absolutely free!
There is so much that we have given you. What more can we scare up to make the fearful festivities even better? Well, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Halloween! No, really. There’s nothing left to change on the map beyond the skybox.
The round is over! Time to move those stiff limbs with a celebratory dance! (Or massacre, if you prefer.) With these beats that are cooler than a corpse you’ll be doing the monster mash in the endround bash!
The struggle over control points is finally over. So, your team lost, but it’s not so bad! At least now you can finally live your dream of being a coffin! Although, the only dead guy around here might be you if you don’t find a place to hide.
Download all you need for Halloween here so you won’t be left waiting to get to the party!

Tomato - Site Layout, Design

Dr. Soul - SFM Storyboarding
Mr. Music Hat - SFM Animation
Mr. Tinder - Map Setup