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Hello? Anyone out there?

Posted Dec 26, 2018

Yo.  Merry Christmas.

Long time no see!  I've pretty much just doing maintenance work, making sure the server hasn't crashed / burned / fallen to security exploits.  Not that there's much community left here, but since it's on auto-pay (thanks to Lemming) I might as well do the upkeep.  Part of the maintenance work recently was to update the forum software to run on a non EOL'd version of PHP, so that's been done.  Pardon the new design and the few bugs.

Anyways, if you haven't seen it, most of the regulars are floating between (at least) two Discord guilds:  Monkey Face (or Cocoa, not sure what the canonical name is), and Channel Teufort.  Not too late to stop by and catch up with everyone!

State of the Sandvich: November 2014

Posted Nov 20, 2014

[sample text]


So Halloween's come and gone, and as I mentioned, discussion post on how Oatmeal's been dead.  Here ya go.


Us admins have been having discussions amongst ourselves, and even that's been at a standstill.  Initially we were discussing how we could tweak the server.  Stuff like reducing downloads, enabling random crits.  Couldn't come to an agreement on some aspects.


We discussed the possibility of making group event announcements along the lines of "Come play with us!".  It was dismissed as being kind of spammy.


We debated on running a CS:GO server.  That was quickly shot down, considering there isn't much demand for custom servers in that playerbase.


We also had that secret project I was hinting at.  I gave it some thought.  And then some more.  Ultimately, it would end up only catering to a small niche of people, and as fun as it would've been to run with the idea, I decided to can it.  It wasn't worth developing.


So things have been a standstill for a long while on that front, and so now I'd like to hear what the rest of us thinks.


Do you have any suggestions on what we should do as a community?  Do we care about having new people playing on Oatmeal?  Are we content with having our little corner of the internet stay as it is, regardless of TF2?

Nom Update: Scares, Spooks, and Ham

Posted Oct 28, 2014

And we are live!




And so are the skeletons! Oh my god why are they alive

It's time for the third annual Nom-Nom-Nom.Us Halloween Event, and have we got something in store for you!


An update to has been released. The update will be applied automatically. The major changes include:


The Spookening has been released!

  • Mapcycle has been switched to the Halloween cycle.
  • Added a few spooky modifications to gameplay:
    • Bazbo barrabus! Spellbooks have been distributed on different maps.
    • Rise From the Dead: There is a low chance of a skeleton spawning where you die.
    • Ghost Mode (Redux): When you die, you will become a ghost until you respawn.
    • Grave News: On a domination or revenge, a gravestone will spawn where that player died.
    • Bosses set to spawn on different maps. If you don't cap, you're in for it.
    • Spin the wheel! The Wheel of Fate is now implemented on maps that aren't Ghost Fort.
  • Balance changes:
    • Increased spookiness of skeletons by 33%
    • Decreased spookiness of ghosts by 15%
    • Player sightings up 40%
  • Updated localization files

Thanks to everyone that joined in to make the spookies happen!

Something Spoopy This Way Comes...

Posted Oct 1, 2014



... Not quite scared yet?  Well, we've got stuff going on in the back, and the witching hour is almost at hand...
So what if I told you this:  Nom's coming back from the dead... soon!  Are you thoroughly spooked now?
(Also, happy October, guys!)

Enough Beating Around The Bush

Posted Sep 7, 2013

As I mentioned in the previous two threads, we have been working on things here, and finally, the main event has happened.

We've finally made the last leap to the new server, and upgraded the forum to boot! Take your time to get to know the new features, and let us know of any issues. We'll work on setting up a few of the finer details too.


The current theme is the default for IPB, and while it does the job, I'm sure most of us would prefer Thoreau back. That's in the works, and we should have that up soon™ as well.



Watch Your Step In Here, I Spilled Some Beans

Posted Aug 15, 2013

Posted Image


So I'm sure you've all read the previous announcement thread about Oatmeal. Here's stage 2.

Soon™, we'll be moving the website over there too, as well as upgrading from our current forum version, 3.1.4, to the latest version of the forum software, 3.4.5. It has a lot of neat additions that will make browsing threads a lot more fun and efficient.


However, as it's such a massive jump, there are a few minor changes that are going to happen during the upgrade process that you all should know about before the upgrade.


  • We will no longer have both an avatar and a profile picture. Everyone will need to make sure the picture they like the most is set to their avatar.
  • The forums will work slightly differently, and there will be an adjustment period. I'll make sure we have a thread up in feedback for everyone to post their findings.
  • All of our banners will need to be adjusted to have a soft left edge in addition to the soft right edge. If you've made any banners and want them to continue to be used, I'm talking to you guys.
  • A few of our settings will also need to be adjusted for some time after the upgrade, please bear with us as we get everything working nicely.

Overall I feel this will be a change for the best, and I'm really looking forward to improving our community with this change. Go ahead and post any questions or concerns you guys might have here, and I'll do my best to answer them.

It's Time To Let The Cat Out Of The Bag.

Posted Aug 3, 2013

Here ya go kitty, go play somewhere now.

Posted Image


Ok, that's taken care of. Now let's fill you all in on a little of what's been going on behind the scenes here at Nom.

We have a new server! Meet Oatmeal, the newest addition, and a healthy part of a balanced breakfast.


Add to your favorites or Click here to play!


One of the reasons for this is to continue troubleshooting some of the issues we've been having on main for a while, which I'm sure everyone who has played here during the last few weeks has experienced, so I won't bother going into that... So please bear with us as we change a few things here and there. So far, oatmeal has been running flawlessly for the last 6+ hours.


There is one other big reason, but I'm not quite ready to reveal that yet, as we still have quite a bit of work to do before this one is ready to reveal. So for now, enjoy your oats!

New Server Ip

Posted Jun 8, 2013

If you use an alias or some other method to connect, just connect to and that will go to the server.



The new IP is


The old one was, and just change that to anywhere you see it.

Mann Vs Machine

Posted Aug 29, 2012

All of you nommers having trouble finding MvM servers to play on are in luck. We're now running 2 servers dedicated to this mode!


Add these to your favorites! - mvm1 - mvm2

Difficulty mode voting is enabled, so if you want to play the harder modes, call a vote using the in-game vote system (console command "callvote")

Community Submitted Mapcycles!

Posted Nov 10, 2011

Last minute, but we're open to taking Community submitted mapcycles for the rest of the season. Read the post carefully before submitting!


We'll handpick only the best, and mapcycles may be subject to minor alteration as needed.

Happy Halloween

Posted Oct 26, 2011

With tf2mods releasing their Night of the Living Update map pack, we're launching our Halloween Mapcycle a few days earlier than planned. Please download the pack from the link (there's a download all link at the bottom of the page), it's 222MB of halloween goodness!


As always, check out the current mapcycle thread for feedback and the maps featured in our mapcycle. When valve releases their Halloween map for this year, we'll sprinkle that into the mapcycle liberally too.


Also, do our server a favor and download the mapcycle pack (279MB) and lighten the load from in-game downloading. This pack includes the NotLU maps above, and should help the lag on the server. To install these, unzip them into your tf2 maps folder (steam/steamapps//team fortress 2/tf/maps).


Have a happy Halloween!

Nothing To Report

Posted Jul 27, 2011

As you all probably heard, nothing interesting has happened. Carry on, and keep up the good work!

We're Back!

Posted Jun 20, 2011

Well that sucked. I always spent the extra money for good quality hardware, redundant disks, regular backups, I didn't plan for RAM to go bad and corrupt the disks.

I went back to a disk snapshot from earlier in the day, but the disk that the database was on is fine, so no posts on the forum should be gone due to me rolling things back to an older copy of the hard drive. The underlying files are older, but the database is up to date, so anything like a recently added avatar or stuff like that will be all corrupt and have to be reuploaded. Anything that is a file will be old.


There may be damage still, and there probably is, but it should just be leftover damage caused by the bad memory (now fixed), and I can deal with anything discovered.

Live Show Recording At Maker Faire Bay Area!

Posted Apr 28, 2011



I go to the Maker Faire every year, and when I told Phos about it, we came up with the idea for a live show.


If you don't know what it is yet, the Maker Faire is a gathering place for... hipsters with welders, I guess. There's a whole bunch of DIYers, cool projects, Adam Savages, and free stuff.

I know it's a stretch, with this group being Anime centered and all, but if you're in the Bay Area and available May 21st, why don't you come on down to the San Mateo fair grounds and record a pointless podcast with us? Tickets are $20 a day if you hurry ($10 for students). After May 11, they go up $10.


I'd appreciate it if you posted here if interested, so I know if I should go into more detail as the time nears or just cancel the whole shebang.


Hope to see you there!


P.S New show in a few days. It's a special one.

Nomcast Episode 6

Posted May 5, 2011



Wait that wasn't a podcast... So where's the podcast? IT'S ON YOUTUBE!


Part 1:



Part 2:



As always e-mail us at Posted Image


And visit us at


Join us on May 21st for a live recording at Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA! Details here.


Have a great rest of the month!

The Nom Arg

Posted Apr 21, 2011



You have been chosen to compete within a specified time period allotting gathering of information leading to the finale of an alternate reality in which prizes in your specific reality can be obtained.


Although, you happen to not comprehend what seems to be happening.












Part 1 has been completed.


On to Part 2

"ready For Spring?" - Contest's Over

Posted Mar 21, 2011



Hibernation is over and the winner of this year's spring face is:


Posted Image


Congratulation otterwolfy!


you won this nice little thing:

Posted Image



also this paint Posted Image has been drawn and sirkillingston, you're the lucky guy who'll get it!



Thanks everyone for attending, I'm sorry not everyone won )= but we might have more contests coming up, so more chances awaits you!

I hope you had fun and are looking forward for a great summer, now that it's spring and you guys seem to be ready for it, according for your photos! =D


Have a nice day and a good time! B)

Nomcast: Episode 5 (Aka Ep 12)

Posted Mar 6, 2011


Email us at Posted Image with feedback, ideas, contest stuff, donations, german suggestions, OR ANYTHING WE DON'T CARE ANYMORE

Our Website!


This month we go over:

-You can't even tell what we're talking about this month.

Unusual maps of the month

Javan: Community stuff (send in more!) Sorry about the quality :\

Other Games
-Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (with rants)
- Send in your own reviews/ buy us games or recommend games to review!

That's What Zuul Said!
- Contact info (


This n' That:

We want your feedback! Email us at Posted Image with suggestions, feedback, shoutouts to people, or anything really.

Background music suggestions! POST EM HERE


Visit our (somewhat)new website at: and maybe help OrangeL code it! (please)


New episodes monthly!


Oh, and if you wanna know the answer to that question I answered in TWZS (the one about trains), here's the answer:


Well this depends. Are we talking straight up HO or are we talking HOn3, because that’s typically N scale. Also, what brand? Atlas? Atheran? Kato? Or Bachman? Or are you kit bashing a train yourself? And what kind of motor? A dual can flywheel motor? That seems to be standard. Also, are we talking scale speed or actual speed, because an HO (Or HOn3) train going 100mph will cause it to derail, unless it is under the influence of magnetic fields. Also, since these are model trains, are we talking the actual distance between New York and Chicago or a scale distance? And are we on somebody’s layout? If so, does their layout simplify the route for the sake of space? If so, what is the scale distance? 600 miles? And what are the consists on these trains? If we’re using NMRA operating standards here, passenger consists would have priority over freight, unless the freight is an express or very important cargo (flag red). Are we even using operators? You left too many variables unaccounted for when you said we’re talking model trains. You forget Orange owns over a grand’s worth of trains.

I did strangle a baby. It is dead.

Nomcast: Episode 4

Posted Jan 30, 2011


Sorry about the derped audio quality... We had some un-fixable screw ups.

Email us at Posted Image with feedback, ideas, contest stuff, donations, german suggestions, questions for Strange, OR ANYTHING WE DON'T CARE ANYMORE

Our Website!

New year, new mistakes, new guests, new segment, new winrars!

This month we go over:

- This month's TF2 updates!
- Devs can now test items (
- Minecraft:
- Portal 2
- FpsBanana is now GameBanana

Unusual maps of the month

Javan: Commanding your medic (e-mail us more things to translate!)

Other Games
- Epic Mafia
- Killing Floor gained popularity
- CivV?
- Send in your own reviews/ buy us games or recommend games to review!

Zuul’s Advice Corner (cheesey name subject to change)
- Contact info (

Feedback (lots)

Slogan contest winners!

This n' That:

We want your feedback! Email us at Posted Image with suggestions, feedback, shoutouts to people, or anything really.

Background music suggestions! POST EM HERE


Visit our (somewhat)new website at: and maybe help OrangeL code it! (please)


New episodes monthly!


btw, if you just wanna skip to the contest, it's at the 59 minute mark.

Bacon Is Back

Posted Feb 21, 2011

Cupcake setup a virtual machine at another host and put bacon and eggs over there.

It is still at port 27015 for bacon, and 27016 for eggs, but you'll have to update your favorites since it stores that by IP.




Nomcast: Episode 3

Posted Dec 28, 2010


With Phos missing, OrangeL turns of Lightning and Arty to ramble about end of the year things. There's another contest, too!

Email us at Posted Image with feedback, ideas, contest stuff, german suggestions, questions for Strange, OR ANYTHING WE DON'T CARE ANYMORE

New Website!

It's the holiday's here at Nom, and Orange ends the year with a dull sigh by having Arty and Lightning on to discuss this month's happenings.

This month we go over:

-New Website
-Email us (please)

-Midevel update
  -Discuss new weaponz
-Minecraft sruvival
-Steam Holiday treasure hunt
-Kid spends 27,000
-New coverart
-Over 400 hits!
  -1,500 on the feed

Map Cycles

Strange's Mapping Corner Workshop

Trading: Action Hank sells Unusual Soldiers Stash for $95 and several vinatge hats.

Javan: Christmas

Next year for Valve, TF2, and Nom

Are scims dying?!

Stories from Minecraft


Slogan contest

This n' That:

We want your feedback! Email us at Posted Image with suggestions, feedback, shoutouts to people, or anything really.


Visit our new website at: and maybe help OrangeL code it!


Cover Art submissions:


Posted Image


Posted Image

And of course, MisterL's:

Posted Image


New episodes monthly!

Address Exchange

Posted Oct 27, 2010

This is a crosspost from the Useful Info entry for the Address Exchange.


You don't normally have this sort of thing on the internets because by participating in this, you are crossing over from anonymity into iRL. As such, follow and obey these rules. If you can't handle it, don't use it. Abuse of this system will have harsh consequences.


Address Exchange


  • You must be over 18 to use the address exchange. We use your birthday in your profile to verify this. This is for your protection!
  • Do not reshare information. You are free to share your address, but you are not free to share other people's addresses.
  • Only share with those you completely trust. You never know, someone just might show up at your doorstep, or worse. You may want to consider using a P.O. Box.

Lastly, by using the address exchange, you are knowingly putting your address into our database. We promise not to sell, share, or distribute this information, or use it for our own nefarious purposes. However, it is a privacy issue and dangerous should it fall into the wrong hands. We will notify you if your privacy has been breached.


Make use of the feedback forum to report any bugs, or the private issues subforum if you discover someone abusing the system.


Posted Nov 25, 2010

If you didn't know yet, we're doing a podcast (it's been in OT, now it's in news)

EPISODE 2 (Click to listen)

(If you're looking for Episode 1, it's on the RSS feed below)

In this episode, OrangeL, Phosphatide, and Strangemodule (and Javan) premiere the first full length NomCast, with new segments and a contest!

Email us at Posted Image with feedback, ideas, contest stuff, german suggestions, or questions for Strange!

This month, your host OrangeL and his new co-host Phosphatide team up with Strangemodule to bring you Nom's gossip and news all on your iPod.

This month we go over:

-Javan's Mapcycle
-Strange's Mapping Corner
  -Basic mapping, intro to Hammer
-Minecraft Update
-Mannconomy vs Crafting
-Other Games:
  -Poker Night
  -Black Ops
-German with Javan!
  -Offensive things & basic German
-Forum gossip
 -Listen in for details!!
-Random Wikipedia Article
This n' That:

We want your feedback! Email us at Posted Image with suggestions, feedback, shoutouts to people, or anything really.


New RSS feed! Get it here! It will be updated with every podcast. Now works with iTunes!

Also: We need cover art. If you have any submissions, email them in! You will be credited.


New episodes monthly!

No Trading Over Voice Chat

Posted Oct 4, 2010

It is just getting out of control lately, please don't use voice chat to trade items, it is just obnoxious.

Farewell To Custom Hats/skins

Posted May 4, 2010

In the big update, Valve made it not possible to do custom hats and models in a plugin.


The update broke being able to see models attached to other players. So while you can equip hats, only you can see them.


Here is a petition with more details:


I can only speculate on Valve's motives. They are probably trying to set it up so they can eventually start selling hats, and it would undermine that if we had the equipment manager.